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Tuesday October 30, 2012

Families of the Incarcerated


held at the IPRH Building, 805 W. Pennsylvania Ave, Urbana

It can sometimes be a relief to family members when a loved one engaged in criminal activities lands in prison, but the families and communities of incarcerated men and women also endure hardships associated with such incarceration. The costs they pay include the pain of separation, the expense of visits and phone calls—even while they do without their loved one’s contribution to the household income, and bearing the stigma of having a family member in prison. At this forum we’ll view some clips to better understand the situation of family members, hear from people with personal experience, and learn about efforts to mitigate the impacts of incarceration. This forum will be chaired by Sheri-Lynn Kurisu, coordinator of the Education Justice Project’s FACE (Family and Community Engagement) program.

Donations to the Danville art program are welcome. Please phone Mr. James Depratt at Danville prison at 446-0441, ext. 377.

Tuesday October 23, 2012

Staging Shakespeare at Danville Prison


held at the IPRH Building, 805 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Urbana

In January the students of the Education Justice Project staged Our Play, a compilation of scenes from various Shakespeare plays. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to host the production and interviews with the incarcerated actors and the director, UIUC Theatre and History professor Carol Symes.

Click here to watch a video of Our Play.

Click here to watch a movie about the making of Our Play.

Tuesday October 9, 2012

Literary Harvest: Writings from Danville Prison


Students of the University of Illinois’ Education Justice Project have produced three publications to date. Please join us as we launch the most recent, Winter’s Harvest. The symposium will include readings from students’ writing, including videotaped readings from the men themselves, filmed at the prison.

Click here for photos from this event.

Tuesday September 25, 2012
Prisons in the Media

Join us at a discussion about the depiction of prisons and incarcerated men and women in the media. We’ll screen clips from television shows, commercials, movies, and more and explore what these representations suggest about dominant attitudes towards incarcerated people, how this differs from the reality, and what can be done to combat the stereotypes that exist. The discussion will be facilitated by Anke Pinkert, a professor in UIUC’s Department of Media and Cinema Studies and an instructor with the Education Justice Project.

Tuesday September 11, 2012
Higher Education in Prison

Research demonstrates that no prison-based intervention does more to reduce recidivism than prison education. Evidence also suggests that the benefits of prison education extend well beyond recidivism, for example creating safer environments within the prison and impacting family members on the outside. This symposium addresses the history of prison education programming in the US, its current state, and challenges and opportunities for innovative and critical prison education. Panel participants include instructors and formerly incarcerated students from a range of different prison program types who will speak to their experiences in prison ed programs as well as addressing larger education policy questions.

Thursday August 30, 2012
Opening Reception of Beyond Lines Art Exhibit
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Please join us for the opening reception of the exhibit. It will include statements from the artists and sponsoring organizations, and catered refreshments. All are welcome. The reception will be videotaped and the event shared with the artists back at Danville prison.

Click here for photos from the Opening Reception.

Thursday August 23, 2012
Fall 2012 Convocation

Click here for photos from the Fall 2012 Convocation.