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Time for a Page-Pasting Party

We are ready to start copying/pasting content into the following pages:

Punch List

We can use this page to keep a common todo list:

  • test Dreamweaver for check in/out (multiple authors)
  • test Dreamweaver for adding files from templates
  • test Dreamweaver for Spry Menu widget
  • decide about other templates
  • build temporary blog
  • build temporary calendar
  • decide about search engine/tool
  • decide about calendar tool
  • install wordpress in blog dir
  • build home page
  • build contact page
  • fix stylesheets/templates re: following:
    • fonts need to be specified (will these be the same as in the original design in May?)
    • links should be standardized (I just threw the blue you like at them for now)
    • the sidebar (i.e., upcoming events and recent posts etc) text is not padded properly
    • the thumbnail image and pagename header (in the main section of the page) do not resize nicely
    • the search form and logo do not resize nicely
    • the bullet discs in unordered lists are not blue dots yet

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