The Amplifier

The Amplifier (EJP student newsletter)

Students in the Education Justice Project produce a monthly newsletter, The Amplifier, in the computer lab at Danville Correctional Center.

  • Any EJP student can submit an article.
  • EJP students are also the editorial staff for the newsletter.
  • Through The Amplifier, EJP students help each other plug into news that informs and encourages.

Stories submitted include interviews of EJP members, commentary on issues of general interest, accounts of EJP programs, book reviews, puzzlers, chess plays, cartoons, and a calendar of EJP programs at Danville Correctional Center.

The Amplifier coordinator is Cope Cumpston.

Below are links to some recent issues.

    • October 2017 issue


      • Good Time’s a Comin’, by James Wood
      • Greetings My Brothers, by Orlando Mayorga
      • The Work I Most Want to Do, by Mark D. Sternberg
      • How Are You Going to Feel When It’s Your Time?, by Odell Whitehorn, Jr.

    • September 2017 issue


      • Welcome to the Convocation, by Editors
      • The Victims Discussion, by Michael Tafolla
      • The Work I Most Want to Do, by Diana Byrne

    • May 2017 issue


      • Shouting at Air by David Hensley
      • Apt Tutor, a tribute to Edward Viens, by Sean Lawless
      • Dare to be Different: an interview with Terrance Hanson, by Angel Pantoja
      • Know What I’m Tired of? By Angry Aaron
      • Book review of Learning from the Octopus by Rafe Sagarin, by Edward Viens

    • April 2017 issue


      • Manny by Angel Pantoja
      • Second Sight by Bert Stabler
      • Book review of Le Ton beau de Marot by Douglas Hofstadter, by Edward Viens

    • March 2017 issue


      • Call of Duty by Angel Pantoja
      • Wordplay by Edward Viens
      • What’s in the Box? By Raylan Gilford
      • Know What I’m Tired of? By Angry Aaron
      • Book review of Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal, by Josh Walbert

    • February 2017 issue


      • Cubs and Trump by Angel Pantoja
      • Positively Speaking by Sean Lawless

    • January 2017 issue

    • Contents:

      • Interview with Bert Stabler by Terrance Hanson
      • Road Warrior by Angel Pantoja
      • Anthem Protest by John Cunningham
      • Book review of Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, by Christopher Shea

    • December 2016 issue


      • Mis Heroes, by Angel Pantoja
      • Weeds, Words, and Woods by Edward Viens
      • Book review of Rosa Lee by Leon Dash, by Christopher Shea

    • November 2016 issue 


      • Is “Free College” the Answer? — C.J. Shea
      • Interview with Ian Scott, co-facilitator of C.A.V.E. — Terrance Hanson
      • When We All Act (outgoing reflections) — Ramón Cabrales
      • Bookshelf: review of Charles Krauthammer, Things that Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics — C.J. Shea
      • Submission Guidelines
      • Editorial Staff — Michael Lawless, David Hensley, Terrance Hanson, Nikia Perry,  Josh Walbert, Advisor: Copenhaver Cumpston
      • Art/ drawing — Anonymous
      • Eddie’s Enigmas — Magic Pentagram — Edward Viens
      • Cartoon – Real Love — Raylan Gilford
      • November calendar

    • October 2016 issue


      • Interview with Stephen Sherman — Raylan Gilford
      • Eddie’s Enigmas — Cryptic Circle — Edward Viens
      • October calendar

    • September 2016 issue


      • Newsnotes: Progress in Post-Incarceration Eduction
      • To Code or not to Code — Josh Walbert
      • Cartoon
      • Inheritance? — Nikia Perry
      • Breathing Space
      • 10 Ways to Live Restoratively
      • Bookshelf — a review of Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption — C.J. Shea
      • Submission Guidelines
      • Editorial Staff — Michael Lawless, David Hensley, Terrance Hanson, Nikia Perry,  Josh Walbert, Advisor: Copenhaver Cumpston
      • Thank Yous to Karen Medina, Joan Huber, Stan Yanchus, Rebecah Pusifer
      • Eddie’s Enigmas — Orbiting Coin — Edward Viens
      • Cartoon — Scanners — Josh Walbert
      • September calendar

    •  August 2016 issue


      • Breathing Space — David Hensley
      • Eddie’s Enigmas — Origami Folds — — Edward Viens
      • Reader Poll
      • August Calendar

    • July 2016 issue


      • Higher Education Update from Rebecca Ginsburg
      • Eddie’s Enigmas — Select Six — dward Viens
      • IDOC Director Baldwin’s “ask” / Address for the Illinois Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentence Reform
      • July calendar

    • June 2016 issue


      • News Notes: Awards Convocation, Life skills prison, Illinois House Bill 6200, Illinois Re-entry Guide in hot demand, Language Partners needs Teaching Partners!
      • From the Editors
      • EJP: The Point Is… — David Hensley
      • photo of EJP campus volunteers
      • ¿Que pasa ahí? —  M. Sean Lawless
      • Interview with Copenhaver Cumpston — Raylan Gilford
      • A Real Daydream — George Harrison
      • My Experience — Felipe Rodriquez-Gonzalez
      • The Bookshelf: review of Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” — Mr. C.J. Shea
      • On the Table
      • Summer Guest Speakers / Rebecah Pulsifer, Patrick Singer
      • Pouncing Pachyderms!
      • Submission Guidelines
      • Editorial Staff — Michael Lawless, David Hensley, Terrance Hanson, Nikia Perry, Josh Walbert, Advisor: Copenhaver Cumpston; Special thanks to Rohn Koester, Rebecca Ginsburg, Copenhaver Cumpston
      • Eddie’s Enigmas — Chess Curio — Edward Viens
      • May’s Odd Man Out Solution
      • Comic — “Teaching Python” — Josh Walbert
      • June calendar

    • May 2016 issue


      • From the Director — Rebecca Ginsburg
      • Hello EJP Advocates and Allies
      • We’re not just pulling your tail.
      • Prince Rogers Nelson — Raylan Gilford
      • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
      • Eddie’s Enigma — Odd Man Out
      • Submission guidelines
      • May calendar

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