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We rely on your support. EJP has three sources of funds–units of the University of Illinois, which support EJP on a discretionary basis (we are not on any department’s regular budget); grants; and private donations. We were fortunate to receive a generous donation from the Mellon Foundation in October 2017. This three-year grant will support new staff positions, a comprehensive evaluation of EJP, a new office database, and more. However, it will not cover all of our expenses. In particular, it does not meet all costs of instructional materials for EJP courses at Danville Correctional Center; printing and distributing reentry guides; scholarships for formerly incarcerated people and their families; the Ripple Effect (Reaching Into Prisons with Purpose and Love); and everyday operating expenses. We will need to raise about $60,000 from donors in FY 2018 to meet anticipated expenses.


We appreciate your confidence in EJP’s work at Danville Correctional Center and beyond. You can be assured that we will provide careful stewardship of your hard-earned dollars.


EJP subscribes to A Donor’s Bill of Rights, which you can view here.


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Even a modest donation to EJP goes a long way! Many of our donors provide $5 and $10 gifts. Anything that you can send will help. Larger donations of $500 or $1,000 will go even further in advancing our work. Enter the amount of the contribution you wish to make below. You will then be directed to the University of Illinois Foundation’s secure Online Giving site to enter your personal and credit card information.


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Please make out the check or money order to University of Illinois Foundation and write “Education Justice Project” on the memo line.


100% of all funds donated by check will be received by EJP.


All contributions, from the smallest to the largest, make a difference. Thank you.

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