Thank you for your interest in EJP!  Each fall and spring we accept applications for tutors, workshop facilitators, ESL instructors (Language Partners), computer lab support, academic advisors, math workshop facilitators, prison library support, and other prison-based positions. Most of this work is unpaid, but we are able to offer $3,000 stipends for instructors who teach 15-week courses at the prison. We welcome your participation.


The next round of applications will be due Thursday March 1, 2018 to teach in the prison in Fall 2018.


We are also seeking to fill several Coordinator positions. Please scroll down this page to learn more about open coordinator positions.


Looking for a quick overview of all EJP programs? Have questions about teaching with EJP? Click here. The EJP Handbook is also a good source of information about EJP. It’s available at this link.


In addition to prison-based educational programs, EJP also has community-based programs that address issues related to reentry and the collateral impacts of incarceration upon families and friends. We accept applications for these programs on a rolling basis year-round, and prison clearance is not required to participate in them.


Ripple Effect
Illinois Reentry Guide Initiative
EJP Scholarship


To learn more about our community-based programs and to indicate your interest in getting involved, please complete the Interest Form for EJP Community-Based Programs. We look forward to learning more about you, and will contact you upon receipt.


We also welcome people to participate in EJP’s Research Group, which meets monthly. This group is open to anyone who wishes to discuss works-in-progress that address any aspect of criminal justice and allied topics. There is no application process and all are welcome. Please contact for more information.


Would you like to volunteer in the EJP office? Have a for-credit internship with EJP? Provide support to EJP in other ways?  You might have some ideas about how your skills and interests can be of value to our mission of creating a model, comprehensive college-in-prison program. We’d love to learn more about them. Please complete EJP’s General Interest Form. We accept these year-round.


Are you an undergraduate interested in interning in the EJP office? Please complete our Internship Application Form. We also accept intern applications year-round.



Working with EJP at Danville Correctional Center

EJP for-credit course instructors must have the same qualifications that would be necessary to teach the course in question on the Urbana-Champaign campus. In most cases, that is a terminal degree or ABD (“All But Dissertation”) status. More importantly, EJP members must be able to demonstrate maturity of purpose and an understanding of the social contexts of our work. We seek members who are comfortable working with diverse populations and have strong social skills. Flexibility is important, as is ability and willingness to support other EJP members in our shared work. It’s important to to be willing to follow prison rules and regulations.


If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in issues of incarceration, please consider applying for an internship with EJP or joining the Prison Justice Project. Visit them on Facebook.


How to Apply

Please complete the relevant application form, which you’ll find below, and submit it according to directions. (Depending on your device, the application form might open for you upon a click, or you might have to locate it in your downloads folder.) If you cannot find the form you are looking for, please contact the EJP office at 217.300.5150 or


You are welcome to apply to more than one EJP program, with the exception that members of our community-based programs are not permitted to work at the prison, per Department of Corrections policy.


The next round of applications will be due Thursday March 1, 2018, to teach in Fall 2018. Please click on the name of a program, below, to find an application for that program. (The application may open in a new page, or the document may go directly to your downloads.)


Important: You will need to complete the extensive prison clearance process to participate in any of the programs below. Please note that if you have a criminal record or have visited anyone recently in an Illinois state prison you may not be approved for clearance. We are sorry. This is beyond EJP’s control.



What to Expect After You Apply

Each EJP program has its own selection committee. If the members of a given selection committee decide to pursue your application, they’ll contact you to schedule an interview. (If not, they’ll be in touch to explain why they have elected not to interview you.) During the interview you’ll meet with 2 or 3 people who will be interested in learning more about you and what leads you to apply to EJP, and in addressing your questions about the program. We always check references. If you’re offered a position that will take you into the prison on a regular basis, the next step will be for you to complete the 12-page clearance application from Illinois Department of Corrections. While we await your clearance, you’ll be invited to become part of the EJP community. We’ll encourage you to attend events such as discussion groups, EJP lunches, and other activities that will allow you to become more familiar with our work and the contexts in which we operate. We also encourage EJP members to become involved in organizational governance.


Those who applied to work with EJP at the prison this semester (i.e. Fall 2017) should please reserve the morning of Thursday January 11, 2018 to attend convocation. We strongly encourage all on-site EJP members to attend this event, which is hosted by the EJP students at Danville Correctional Center. Each semester about 65 graduate students, staff, faculty, and community members are actively involved in various EJP programs. The convocation is a wonderful opportunity to come together to celebrate our work.


After You Leave EJP

It may seem odd to be thinking already about your departure from EJP, but we want to emphasize how much we value our members. Many people stay active within EJP for years. Others work with us for one or two semesters only. After you decide it’s time for you to transition out of your work with EJP, we’ll welcome your continued affiliation. Those who have worked with EJP at the prison will be listed on the EJP website as an “EJP Faculty Affiliate.” This is a requirement of our partnership with the IL Department of Corrections. We have faculty affiliates in many US states and in countries around the world. We appreciate the world-wide network of EJP members and encourage them to continue their participation in critical prison work wherever they find themselves.


Want to Learn More?

Please see our bibliographies on prison education or visit these pages to learn about other prison education programs and allied projects around the country.


Open Coordinator Positions

In addition to the above positions for which we regularly accept applications, EJP currently seeks to fill the following leadership positions as soon as possible. We offer $1,000/semester stipends to coordinators.

For more information about all the above positions, please contact EJP Operations Manager Jamie Hines at To apply, please submit a CV + cover letter to Jamie Hines We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.


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