The Education Justice Project is proud to be a unit of the Department of Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership (EPOL) within the College of Education the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are an unusual academic unit in that we have only one full time employee. We rely on the energy and dedication of dozens of EJP volunteer members—graduate students, faculty, undergraduate students, staff, and community members. Their in-kind contributions amount to many hundreds of hours each year. Working collaboratively, they take responsibility for designing programs, implementing them, and for outreach and operational functions as well.


EJP has about seventy active outside (i.e. non-incarcerated) members during any given semester. Our larger network of almost two hundred includes EJP Faculty Affiliates, former EJP instructors who have left central Illinois but remain connected to EJP’s work.


EJP’s current director is Rebecca Ginsburg, a University of Illinois faculty member. As a graduate student at Berkeley she taught in the college program at San Quentin State Prison and became convinced of the necessity of providing quality education programs to incarcerated men and women. After arriving at Illinois as an assistant professor in 20014, she worked with a group of fellow Illinois faculty, graduate students, and community members to found EJP. Although trained as an architectural historian, since 2012 she has been based in EPOL, with joint appointments in Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Art History, Anthropology, African American Studies, and African Studies.


The EJP director oversees daily operations and has primary responsibility for fundraising and outreach. She is guided by an Advisory Council that assists in setting policy and strategic planning. The chair of the Advisory Council is Tracy Dace and its members are:

  • James Anderson, Head and Professor, Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, UIUC
  • Perry Benson Jr., PhD student, Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership,UIUC
  • Samuel Byndom, Executive Director, Urbana Adult Education
  • Tracy Dace, Instructor, Parkland College and Visionary Director, DREAAM and chair of EJP’s Advisory Council
  • Leon Dash, Professor, Journalism, UIUC
  • Mike Doyle, Executive Director, University YMCA
  • Katie Fizdale, resident, Urbana
  • Rebecca Ginsburg, Director, EJP and Associate Professor, Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, UIUC
  • Greg Jahiel, Social Worker, READY School
  • James Kilgore, First Followers and Research Scholar, UIUC
  • Rohn Koester, Manager, Channing-Murray
  • Austin McCann, General Manager, Art Theatre Coop
  • Eloris Nash, Director, Ann’s House, Urbana
  • Giraldo Rosales, Assistant Director, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access, UIUC
  • Margaret Shelledy, PhD Candidate, English, UIUC
  • Rachel Storm, Assistant Director, Women’s Resource Center, University of Illinois
  • James Warren, Social Worker, Champaign


To see the 2016-17 EJP Handbook, click here.


To see an EJP organizational chart, click here.

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