The News Gazette featured a front page story about the EJP Awards Convocation that was held on May 24, 2016. The president of the University of Illinois, Tim Killeen, and the director of the IL Department of Corrections, John Baldwin, both attended and spoke at the event.


This NPR Illinois piece, “Shifting Horizons Behind Bars,” explores the value of education for incarcerated individuals, in May 2016.


White House invites EJP Director to discuss prison reform, in April 2016.


A story about learning and teaching within EJP on a University of Illinois blog, February 2016.


This short piece on WCIA’s homepage speaks of EJP’s work to support families with incarcerated loved ones and why it’s so important, featuring an interview with EJP member Crystal Ransom.


Video of EJP member Rohn Koester (Education Justice Radio, Advisory Committee), who received the Doris Hoskins Prestigious Community Service Award,from the MLK Countywide Celebration, January 2016.


Video of EJP member Barbara Kessel (Ripple Effect),who received the James R. Burgess Jr-Susan Freiburg Humanitarian Award, from the MLK Countywide Celebration, January 2016.


Article by Ron Berler in the Chicago Tribune in January 2016 features an interview with EJP alumni Rob Garite and quotes EJP instructor Sarah Lubienski.


Interview with EJP director Rebecca Ginsburg by Margie Garb at Washington University in St Louis, in September 2015.


EJP’s director, Rebecca Ginsburg, on the advisability of using Pell Grants to fund prison education programs, June 2015.


Story about EJP’s program at Danville Prison and the YWCA’s 2015 Leadership in Education Award, presented to EJP director Rebecca Ginsburg, April 2015.


EJP’s Symposium on Higher Education in Prison is featured in the College of Education News in November 2014.


This May 2014 piece in the College of Education News notes that the “Benefits of College’s Education Justice Project Extend Beyond Prison Walls.”


EJP student Orlando “Chilly” Mayorga is featured in this Sunday New York Times opinion piece from May 2014.


Opening Doors” is a story from the College of Business’ alumni magazine, Perspectives. It features professor Joe Mahoney and the Business Administration course he taught for EJP in Fall 2013.


Read a piece about Financial Education for the Incarcerated from August 2013 that cites EJP’s work at Danville Prison.


This piece on Engineering at Danville Prison features University of Illinois professor Tim Bretl and his Robotics course, from July 2013.


You can read about Language Partners winning the Arcus Award for Collaborative Leadership in May 2013 in the College of Education News or Arcus Center Press Release (includes video).


Read more about EJP’s math and science offerings in Focus on Prison Scholars from I-STEM in May 2013.


EJP Coordinator Hugh Bishop was named Volunteer of the Year by the Illinois Department of Corrections for his work with our ESL program, Language Partners.


Shakespeare in the Cell Blocks was a feature in the University of Illinois Alumni Magazine, March 2013.


The Illinois Board of Higher Education writes that the “Education Justice Project at UIUC Brings Upper-Level College Courses to Prisoners,” in March 2013.

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