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The mission of the Education Justice Project is to build a model college-in-prison program that demonstrates the positive impacts of higher education upon incarcerated people, their families, the communities from which they come, the host institution, and society as a whole.


Pell Grant News!

The Education Justice Project enthusiastically welcomes today’s announcement of the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program.
This experimental program will allow eligible incarcerated students to receive Pell Grants for courses they take in prison. The Grants will go directly to the programs offering the programs; they will not be dispersed to incarcerated students. This initiative will offer much-needed financial security to programs that offer college-in-prison and provide incentive for other institutions to engage in this meaningful work. The program will operate for 3 – 5 years, after which time the outcomes will be assessed.
We already know that higher education in prison produces ripple effects. Benefits go way beyond the incarcerated students themselves and extend to their families, their home communities, the campus that offers prison education, and beyond. This small pilot program is likely to produce multiple benefits that will be felt throughout society. We also hope it will pave the way for further reforms within America’s prisons and on the outside, for impacted others and returning citizens.
EJP is committed to contributing to the success of this pilot program. Our sterling students at Danville Correctional Center and EJP alumni already provide great example of why higher education in prison is a smart and humane investment. We look forward to continuing to share their accomplishments, and to work with them and other allies on moving toward our vision of a more humane and just world.



The Ripple Effect

EJP’s newest initiative is based in Champaign county and all are welcome. The next meeting of The Ripple Effect (Reaching Inside Prisons with Purpose and Love) will be from 5:30 – 7pm pm on Monday, August 17 2015 at Bethel AME Church, 401 E. Park Street, Champaign. We will share a meal and write cards and letters to people in jail and prison. All are welcome, especially children. Please contact us at info@educationjustice.net for more information.


EJP Video

Click here to view a 10-minute video about EJP’s work at Danville Correctional Center.

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